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To​ build a team of veteran employment specialists focused on helping veterans transition from the battlefield to federal employment.

Words from Our Founder

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Work with the Best

Tracy Harris - Veteran & Seasoned Federal HR Specialist

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Tracy Harris began her career in her early 20’s as a solider in the U.S. Army.  She thoroughly enjoyed her work as a solider, but after 2 tours she knew she had more to offer the world.  Upon her transition from the Army she decided that she wanted to continue her service to her country.  As a then,

military spouse and mother, she realized that the best way to continue her service and help others was through federal employment.  Like many others, it took Harris a while to successfully navigate the systems and finally land a federal position.  She began her federal civilian career in HR and knew that she would have an opportunity to help others like herself make the transition from active duty to federal employee.  Over the years she discovered that not many veterans were taking advantage of the benefits of continuing their service as a federal employee.  Of those who came across her desk in an attempt to qualify for a federal position, she discovered a lack in understanding of the federal employment process.  Therefore, they would be disqualified before the process began.  Tracy remained with the federal governments HR department for 20 years.  Upon retirement she knew that her service wasn’t over and that she had more to give.  She had a strong desire to see other veterans have a successful transition from active duty just as she did.  As a result, HOPEvolution LLC was born.  With a team of highly skilled veterans and HR specialist, it is Tracy’s mission to help transitioning service members, veterans, and their families continue their service through federal employment.

"Veterans know what it means to serve a purpose bigger than themselves . . . we as a nation have a responsibility to recognize those who have served to preserve our freedoms." -

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Our Partners

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